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Shurza "Sebastian" Xenvotsu
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United Kingdom
I'm completely insane XP

Behold my awesome highness of awesomeness. Now bow before me. BECAUSE IM AWESOME!!

<----- Use this if you think I'm awesome too!

I'm from Scotland for anyone who doesn't know. Glasgow to be precise. herp derp. Scotland FTW.

I'm a huge fan of animes. My favs are fullmetal alchemist, soul eater, code geass, Tsubasa and hetalia! I love loads of others too but I can't be bothered listing them.

Do do dooo~ so if you havn't already guessed, I specialise in dragons. So... That's something I guess. You love my art and anime too? Check out Shurza's account! blackarcanine13 (it's just my other account where I post all my fanart. I say it's Shurza's account because it is really rambled and obsessive sometimes and that's what Shurza does XD) don't judge me. In fact I don 't care if you do! This is the Internet! You can't hurt me!

Oh yeah, I have tumblr too. That is me! The useless dragon.

OH and YouTube! I don't do anything there but I try to animate shit.…

Commissions are CLOSED until further notice
Art trades are CLOSED until further notice
THIS IS BECAUSE IM GOING THROUGH A HARD TIME WITH STRESS But don't worry they will be open again soon!

I love you guys!! <3

Who even reads these things anyway? (I do)

Shadow Hunter by duskdragon13

Ha, I'm hilarious. I don't even know what a bio is and I'm putting loads of crap in here

And now a bunch of stamps
Linto by HanaXYuki Another Ricalna Stamp by HanaXYukiBUGGERATION Stamp by Wing-Wing-SenriRicalna Stamp by HanaXYukiStamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieStamp YGO: TAS Tribute01 by StraysMemoryAlbumYGOTAS: Brooklyn Rage :Stamp: by Circe-BakaI came to this City... by Dragon-of-MidnightI support Randomess by Dragon-of-MidnightIm just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-SamI love the rain by ohhperttylightsUseless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9Xenvotsu stamp by duskdragon13JelLOL stamp by duskdragon13Stamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngieStamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngieStamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngieI don't suffer by KansaniNot complete... by KansaniBack in five by KansaniRead this Stamp by dazedgumballsanity. by ryvirproud to be. by ryvirVillains :equal: Love by blazer87Too Busy Stamp by LanternLeafMan Scream stamp by FearlessLullabyMake Pasta Not War by dragon-sigmaHetalia Stamp-Austria by Tyley-BrittanyAPH: I love Roderich Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Denmark Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Tino Stamp by ChibikaedeOHOHO. by AlchemyOtaku17APH: I love Prussia Stamp by ChibikaedeHungary Austria Prussia Stamp by AlchemyOtaku17Hetalia: Deal with it by JanbearpigStamp - ...I transmute stuff. by Oliver-kunSTAMP: FMA - Hughes by sunstroke-artfma stamp by silverMoonGuardianFullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Colonel-ChickenRiza Hawkeye Stamp by AdryJustendRoyXRiza Stamp by AdryJustendStamp: Riza Hawkeye by Toasty-CoconutFire Emblem- Ike Stamp by Atomic-FateWe Like Ike Stamp by Wellgarth by IkeFanaticsIKE USER by Moonstar-Legand.:.Wii Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx.:.I Love KH Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTxBrain loss by XxH2oDragonxXHomework, Whats that?? by PCkuijperBroken Stamp by ladieofficalWe are by ladieofficalLove Glowy Things by A-Sent-MiracleI love the colors by zelda-ocarinaShiny Stuff Support Stamp by bizarrostampsStamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolfToothless by QuidxProxQuoGiratina Origin Form Stamp by EternalWarGiratina Origin Stamp by angelasamshiSoul Silver Stamp by RiiareiLugia Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsLugia Stamp by KevfinLatias Stamp by KevfinLatios Latias Stamp by KevfinDratini Family Stamp by zafara1222Support the Pokeman Games by zafara1222Pokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDukeRayquaza Stamp by gangstergGroudon Stamp by ItzagualNew Folder Stamp by xxfangirlkillerxxDA Stamp - Obsess Responsibly by tppgraphics.Stamp. Shipping Opinion by KillMePleaseGodOTP Stamp by agrajagthetestyI love crack pairings by Kirichan-Inuyasha.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerDeath the Kid Stamp by frenchguy100Soul Eater Fan- stamp by ohhperttylightsim epic stamp by ohhperttylightsChibi Seto Stamp 2 by NowellsStampsFond of the Dub Stamp by WorldincoffeeBakura Heart Stamp by PecanPieWhy so British? Stamp by purapussI'm Funny Stamp by DarthRegina125Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl I have money STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruffStamp YGO: TAS Tribute02 by StraysMemoryAlbumnyeh? stamp by Wing-Wing-SenriBurn the Witch Stamp by HechoEnMexicoYu Gi Oh Abridged Stamp by Magegirl-NinoBakura is a good boy -stamp by BlissSlyOneAsexual Stamp by sunbirdsAromantic Asexual Stamp by AccursedRainbow:thumb461438350:Aromantic asexual by World-Hero21Giriko x Justin Stamp [Soul Eater] by Life-Of-The-MachineHeadbutt of Love Stamp by DarkChibiShadowchainstamp ii by girikoShion (No.6) Fan Stamp by Wolf-Therian-SadiesKoromon Stamp by Stamp221Gatomon Stamp by Stamp221Samurai Flamenco Stamp by wow1076Rei x Nagisa Stamp by Shichi-SarukoI support fluffy hair!! by DarkWolf-273

U Jelly stamp by duskdragon13Nah bro Im Siegrain stamp by duskdragon13

MOTHER KEEPER by duskdragon13

Turkes Veraford_Mother Keeper by Akiri-channRincalna Forde_ Mother Keeper by Akiri-channLint Kaiser Bunny by Akiri-chann LOOK AT THESE CUTE MOTHER KEEPER CHIBIS AKIRI MADE -->Akiri-chann


Bbu by duskdragon13

Dusky [AT] by MonsterDragon99Dusky AT by ChibiReshDuskDragon13 GIFT!!!!!!! by NegativeSoul12for duskdragon13 by MagicPurple(gift) no. 13 badge by LightnymfaDusk Headshot (old) by DRD-FunTime.: Gift for : Duskdragon :. by X-Me-XHatenaKetchupstain by DuskwhiteSCREW NYAN CAT! by Darkaos-ZombiSpitzGift-No.13 by DarkRainbowDragonAT: batarangs!!! by LightnymfaUnexpected by Duskwhite'White' Christmas by DuskwhiteArt Trade With Dusk by Mavis-AerisFour Of A Kind by SoulioX12Art Trade:The Power I Always Wanted! [speedpaint] by AmandaDragoness115

Dusky out~ Vroom Vroom KABOOM!!
soooo you may have noticed I haven't been uploading or even online as much recently, and there are a couple of reasons; exams are closing in and I'm incredibly stressed, by computer has been acting up recently, and overall I think I'm just going through a rough patch. Like, I get the feeling I'm not exactly wanted at home anymore but I don't care, I live here so my parents will just have to deal with me for another few years eheheheheh. BUUUUUT I will be uploading stuff again soon enough, (hopefully) and when I do I will be introducing you guys to Harvey. Harvey is a new character who may or may not be written into Bloodstained paths. So here's a little background information on him:

Harvey is a tall and muscularly built male dragon. He has no wings but he can fly using the blades on his arms along with his electric abilities. He is actually of Irish decent. He works for the gang "The Underpass" (I introduced you to Xen before) he works directly under Xen and is very rarely seen without her. Harvey looks big and tough but he's actually a big sweetheart who just got involved in the wrong crowd. He has a tattoo which looks like an X on his left shoulder, though that isn't the whole tattoo because it actually goes right across his chest and upper back, it just can't be seen because of his shirt. The tattoo has some deep meaning to it that he isn't willing to share. He almost always has a Cigarette in his mouth despite how he rarely actually smokes. He never really lights it, he just chews on it. He's a big lovable idiot but Xen yells at him a lot. He is incredibly loyal to Xen for reasons that nobody actually knows but eachother. He has 4 blades on his back in place of wings that he can take off and throw like boomerangs. They grow back incredibly quickly. He is kindhearted and sweet but he has also been labeled incredibly dangerous by the police and for a while was even known by the code name "Harvester". Xen treats him cruelly a lot burin reality she is grateful to have him by her side, even if he can be a bit annoying. He's not the smartest but he is good at following instructions. Though he has limited brain power He has an extremely long fuse and could put up with a lot. He isn't the sort of guy that cries or gets angry easily, he laughs at his problems and gets on with his life, nomatter how secretly upset he is. Deep down he's just a huge baby.

More on Harvey later cause I'm about to pass out from tiredness ok bye

Dusky out~ vrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzz

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omygosh me too! I miss you! I've been to shy to say anything >w< how have you been? It's been so long! :3
Fraizy-Sama Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I kind guessed so... ;o; most people are shy when they are around me, but I dont bite so dont worry Im still your friend after all XD
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Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy Alt) [V1]
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Ill post little bunny after i get back home so he can join turkes and ricalna
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